Parent Guidelines

Parent Guidelines for Our School

Parent Guidelines

1)   Students are expected to be in the dojo before class starts. Please do your best to make sure your child is on time.

2)   If your child has a cough or are fighting an illness, please do NOT allow them to come to class.

3)  Belt testing eligibility and stripe promotions are a decision made by the qualified instructors at this facility. When students can demonstrate their requirements at 100% proficiency during class, then evaluations will be made. Stripe testing is done on a case by case basis and through observation of requirement proficiency during class. There are no tests for stripes. Please do not ask about when your child will be testing or ask for your child to be evaluated however feel free to ask one of the head instructors what your child should be working on at home.

4)   Parents or guests are not allowed on the dojo floor except on testing nights. Please feel free to watch our classes from the lobby. If you have a question, please wait until our class is over and speak with an instructor in the lobby.

5)   Parents must pick up their children on time when class is over. Children may not be left in the lobby unattended.

6)   Parents are responsible for the behavior of younger siblings of karate students during class. Children are not to be playing on the furniture or running in the lobby.

7)   Our dojo registration and maintenance is run by parent volunteers. There are no employees at our facility. Please be patient during registration and be supportive of those who are volunteering their time.

Although we are in a commercial space, this is a traditional club, not a business. Therefore we do not have customershere- only students and supportive parents.